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W. Cleon Skousen
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"Need for a National Constitution and The Church's Role in Preserving It."

cleon-skousen.jpg - 5900 BytesThe above link goes to a speech given by W. Cleon Skousen. When I went to the seminar put on by the National Center for Constitutional Studies (...called the Freeman Institute when I went...) in 1980, it was Dr. Skousen himself who taught me. He was a great teacher and a great constitutionalist. Even though this 10 meg audio file is 1 1/2 hours long and is about 35 years old, it is more relevant today than it was the day it was given. I highly encourage you to listen to it. It will be worth your time.

Dr. Skousen was a prolific author and spell binding speaker. He was also a brilliant constitutional author. Probably his most well known books were "The Five Thousand Year Leap" and "The Making Of America." During the present constitutional crisis we find ourselves in, The Five Thousand Year Leap has been reborn across the nation and is selling like hot cakes to the folks in the tea party movement.

You've now come to the end of this little web page section on the genius behind the US Constitution. I hope you will now learn more about the constitution and what is needed to preserve it. It won't preserve itself by itself! We have to do it.

As George Washington was quoted on the home page of this little section, we have a huge responsibility to teach our children and each other; to pass on this legacy. I hope your children, by the time they leave home, will be well versed in what constitutes freedom. I hope they will be willing to defend it as we must now.