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News, 6 June, 2010

Here's the first series of must-see, short video clips:

The Global Food and Water Crisis:
In a paper published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, four British scientists report that "agriculture accounts for 80-90% of all freshwater used by humans," that "most of that is in crop production," and that "in many areas, this water use is unsustainable." As a result, they say that "farmers in many countries are now faced with legislative restrictions on use of water," noting that the Chinese government "has set a target of a reduction of 20% in water use in agriculture by the year 2020," such that "if food security for the region is not to be threatened, this must be achieved without a loss in production." So how is this global food and water crisis to be met and overcome?

Your "Carbon Legacy":
A new study signals what may be on the legislative horizon if proponents of large CO2 emission reductions (Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama) have their way with the USA. And what it is may surprise if not shock you.

CO2 Science:
The Morality of Climate Change The true morality of climate change is explored. Make sure you see this one, and then teach yourself to respond with this whenever the subject is broached; it will baffle your pro-Global Warming Hoax peers!

Free Energy is Not Cheap:
In a recent Repower America ad that laments our weaker economy and "a worsening climate crisis," we are told we can "take advantage of free energy sources like the wind and sun" to solve our problems. It sounds like a good deal ...Click here to watch the original ad upon which our response is based.

Getting Real About Coal and Oil:
In a recent Repower America ad, a wizened old rancher, who's obviously spent too much time exposed to the wind and sun, decries the use of coal and oil as an answer to our energy problems ... Click here to watch the original ad upon which our response is based.

Seeing is Believing:
Isolated for 42 days in chambers of ambient and elevated CO2 concentrations, we periodically document the growth of cowpea plants (Vigna unguiculata) via time-lapse photography.

Elevated CO2: How Sweet it is ... for Sugarcane!:

We all learned back in grade school that CO2 is good for vegetation, and that plants need it to grow and construct their tissues. Might not the extra CO2 projected to be in the air by the end of the century therefore actually be beneficial for the planet's vegetation?

Dirty Old Fuels:
In a recent Repower America ad, a young construction worker urges cutting our dependence on "old dirty fuels that are killing our planet" ... Click here to watch the original ad upon which our response is based.

Here's The Great Global Warming Swindle; this is very well done, quite detailed, and it'll take more than a couple of minutes to watch, so don't start this if you can't make a bit of time for it right now.

But let me emphasize this: this is an EXCELLENT video; any thinking person who is intellectually honest cannot dismiss the excellent argument(s) put forth in this series of video clips. This is far and away the best documentary exposing the Global Warming Hoax I've seen. Upon first inspection, my impression is that they covered all of the basics, especially when you also consider what was already presented above. The producers of this documentary definitely have their ducks in a row!

While these video clips aren't HD, but they're very clear and look great for their size. Please watch these if you haven't seen this video already; it's a must-see!