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Re: Teton Valley Comprehensive Plan Update

Hi all, to follow up on Aaron's email, please note below the date and time for the next important meeting on the Comp Plan.

If you would like to hear what is in the RFP, the P4P will have one final meeting about it on Tuesday, Jan 18 at 8am in the upstairs conference room in the Courthouse. You may also stop by the Planning Department to look at the current draft, but we would like for it to stay in the office without making copies until the final release date.

Also, Lynda Skujins was the only taxpayer at the county commission meeting last Thursday. We have got to start attending these meetings if we are going to get a handle on how this county is managed.

Aaron and I are still doing research on forming a Teton County Citizens Budget Advisory Committee and on conducting a study of our county governance. We need more time, so suspect we will not meet again until March. That should give each of us time to sit in on a county commission meeting.

Anne Callison,