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WYOMING Micheli Campaign Scoffs at CST Poll

Don’t be fooled! This race is anyone’s to win! Once again the Casper Star Tribune published a poll that is not representative of Wyoming GOP primary voters state-wide, and they gleaned from the results that which they hope to be true – not the actual political environment of Wyoming today. This is the typical schlock, liberal punditry from the CST that they push out every election.

Yesterday, the Mead campaign released the results of a poll they conducted two days before the CST/Mason Dixon poll and those results showed a much tighter race between Ron Micheli, Matt Mead, Rita Meyer, and Colin Simpson – with Ron Micheli receiving 18% of the vote. We agree more with these numbers and their methodology seems to be more sound.

In addition, at the time of the Mead poll, our campaign had just barely begun our massive TV and radio campaign all across the state. Our advertising frequency will only get more intense, and our grassroots organization is second to none.

We know we have a lot of work to do. We know that this is going to be a close race. Therefore, we know that turnout and voter intensity will win this election. Our volunteers and supporters are the most intense in their support for Ron. They are dedicated to making the phone calls, knocking on doors, talking to their friends, and turn out the people to the polls who want to see Ron Micheli become the next governor of Wyoming.

For those reasons, we believe Ron Micheli is gaining the traction he needs to win on August 17. We are asking our supporters to hang in there with us. The news of our campaign’s demise is premature, and it is wrong! The conditions are right, the message is right, and the people of Wyoming want our next governor to be a conservative governor. Ron Micheli will be that governor.

With your help and dedication – on to victory!