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Tea Party Meeting Scheduled - County Budget Oversight

We are planning to have a meeting March 16th from 6 PM to 8 PM at the Super 8 Motel Conference Room in Driggs. We would really like to have a big turnout to this meeting. There are a few items to discuss at this meeting.

First of all, we have received a request from the Board of County Commissioners to help form a County Budget Oversight/Advisory Committee. This will be for the 2012 budget. We have discussed the possibility of such a committee in the past and it looks like the commissioners see the wisdom of a transparent budgeting process. So they have provided a schedule of meetings where budget issues will be discussed. I have attached that schedule for each of you to review. As you can see there are quite a few meetings. This will mean that we will need some volunteers with the time, and hopefully some financial background to get involved. We will discuss more of the details at the meeting.

Also, we would like to talk about the possibility of having some new leadership for our local Tea Party. We desperately need to be more engaged locally, as well as at the state and federal level. However we need some additional leadership help at this point. So please attend if you are willing to step in and fill a role with our local Tea Party.

One final note, remember the School Levy election in next Tuesday, March 8th! It is very important to vote in this election. Typically voter turnout for these types of elections is extremely low, which is disappointing as these are the elections where we vote on taxing ourselves. Please take the time to educate yourselves. The district has some information on their website, including a very short budget plan for the levy, as well as a full 2009-2010 audited financial statement. If you cannot find the information, or if you have specific questions, PLEASE contact the school district!! Remind your friends and neighbors how important it is to vote in this election. It will literally only take ten minutes at most to vote, so please exercise that right!

Aaron Driggs