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4/21/11 meeting, Super 8 Motel, Driggs, ID

Attending were: Brian Berry, Anne Callison, Aaron Driggs, Roger Elletson, Tony Goe, Kitchener Head, Sonja Head, Nola Poetker, Caroline Reynolds, and Lynda Skujins.

Agenda items: election of new officers, Teton Budget Advisory Committee discussion, School levy discussion, Health Care Compact status update, Cnty Comp Plan status discussion, Atlas Shrugged in Victor.

Election: MANY THANKS to Anne Callison and Aaron Driggs for co-chairing over the past year. Congratulations to Lynda Skujins and Tony Goe, our new co-chairs. Caroline Reynolds will serve as secretary-treasurer. These positions are effective immediately. But, there were no term limits mentioned.

A spontaneous discussion developed regarding the need for a statement of what our Tea Party mission should be. Caroline volunteered to gather mission statements from other TP organizations such as the national Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, and Tea Party Nation etc.
Teton Budget Advisory Committee: Lynda is the lead on this. We (TVTP) have been invited to sit in on these meetings (2nd and 4th Mondays of the month starting in May and running into June). Lynda needs help with this as the time commitment is significant. Please get in touch with Lynda if you have an interest in sitting in on these meetings.
School Levy: Brian attended the school board meeting. There will be no new positions. However, although the school budget was cut only 3% instead of the 17% expected, no levy money will be returned. The number of teachers is up although the number of students is down. Average is 16 students per teacher. Brian, Aaron, and Kitchener will schedule a meeting with Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme this coming week to talk more about this.
Health Care Compact: Caroline is lead on this. Contact has been made with Representative Tom Loertscher, Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, and president of the Idaho Medical Association, Dr. Erich Garland. Progress nationwide had been made. Several states have passed the Compact bill thru their state legislatures. We will aim for next year’s legislative session to get the bill passed in Idaho. For more information and to read the full Bill, go to www.healthcarecompact.org.
County Comp. Plan: There may be some procurement issues that need to be further addressed. There is a meeting this coming Thursday, April 28 at 5:30 in the Senior Center regarding economic revitalization of Driggs. Attendance is encouraged.
Atlas Shrugged: Tony pointed out that we should encourage all to see this movie and should through the web site, www.atlasshruggedpart1.com (click the “theaters” link) vote to insist that the movie have a showing at Pierre’s in Victor.
Next meeting: May 19, Super 8, 6:00 - 6:30 meet and greet. Meeting starts 6:30. PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND.

Respectfully submitted,

Caroline Reynolds, Secretary