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16 June Meeting Minutes

Teton Valley Tea Party


6/16/11 meeting, Fox Creek Inn, Victor, ID

Present were Julie Boisseau, Anne Callison, Aaron Driggs, Tony Goe, Kitchner & Sonja Head, Nola Poetker, Caroline Reynolds, Reg Roberts, Lynda Skujins, and Marie Tzannetakis.

  • · Lynda moved to approve the minutes of the 5/19/11 meeting. Nola seconded.
  • · Caroline reported we now have a non-profit bank account with a balance of $482.41.
  • · Tony led a discussion of our plans for the 4th of July.
  • Lynda will contact Grant Durtschi re availability of canopy and questionnaire
  • We will pass out candy and flags from Tony’s truck in the parade
  • We have volunteers for the Tea Party table at the Crafts Fair for most of Monday, 7/4
  • NEED VOLUNTEERS to spot Tony’s truck and more for the table on 7/2 & 7/3
  • Call Caroline at 354-4848 to volunteer
  • · Kitchner & Sonja agreed to stimulate participation in our Tea Party by calling members.
  • · Anne agreed to serve as the “events” committee. Soliciting a “big” speaker was discussed.
  • · Reg led a discussion re changes in our Fire Dept, not all of which seem wise. Their next meeting is on June 28, Driggs Fire Station, 2:00 PM. We plan to attend.
· Marsha Bjornn, Chair of the Region 7 Republicans, spoke to us about the State organization and how we can become more involved. A big BBQ fund raiser will be held in IF on Aug. 25. Speakers being solicited for the event include our US Senators Crapo and Risch, Gov. Otter and freshman US Senator Mike Lee of Utah. Tickets for the event will be on sale ($20 now, $25 at the door) at our TP table at the Crafts Fair on the 4th. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go to our County Republican Chair to help elect Republicans.

· Aaron led a discussion re the School Board and a perceived discrepancy between their assertion there will be no new teacher hires and the reality of the situation. The possibility of lobbying our legislators to have school bond elections on the same day as the general election was also raised.

. Lynda and Tony solicited input on values, issues and opportunities for the Comp. Plan.

Tony moved to adjourn. Nola seconded. Respectfully submitted, Caroline Reynolds, Secretary