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Reinstituting The Draft!!!
Bill Now Introduced to Congresss.

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Subject: Slavery--It's Back In Fashion! What Are You Prepared To Do About It?

An important new piece of legislation was recently introduced in the House by Charles Rangel which, if passed, will institute a mandatory two-year conscription for all U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 42, requiring everyone to put their lives on hold while they are forced to perform military, homeland security, or community service work as directed by the whims of the president. This is the final act -- the ultimate goals -- of the current regime. All other legislation prior to this has been nipping at the heals of our liberty, destroying it by small bites. But this bill completes the task in one blow, enslaving everyone without reservation or qualification, making it clear that our lives no longer belong to us. Instead, we are subservient to the all powerful state and are nothing more than a resource to be manipulated as our masters see fit, in service of any purpose that they may choose.

Over the years, our property rights have been effectively destroyed as the hands of government were allowed to reach deeper and deeper into our pockets to fund an ever expanding array of programs that we do not endorse. Our liberty has been drastically curtailed as our freedom of actions were constrained by the draconian set of regulations imposed upon every aspect of our personal and business lives. The Bush administration was instrumental in undermining our right to privacy with the Homeland Security Act, and during the past year, the Obama administration has launched a number of initiatives intended to eliminate the right to free speech. And now, we have the legislation in hand that will shatter our single remaining right: the right to our life. Should this bill pass, it will be a stake through the heart of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, destroying the final thread of protection that we retain, with the government asserting total ownership over our persons.

I have written in detail about this bill at the following link:


Feel free to pass along this link to others whom you believe would find it of interest.

It is my belief that the battle over this legislation is far more important than anything that has come before. This is the tipping point for freedom in this country. If we lose this battle, than no course will remain for liberty-loving people other than armed revolution. Let's not let it come to that. We must act loudly, boldly, and forcefully to denounce this abomination for what it is. Please stand up and proudly proclaim your right to your own life, to do with it as you -- and only you -- see fit. Let the politicians know that you do not recognize their right to one moment of your existence, and that you consider their even discussing a bill such as H.R.5741 to be a treasonous action which undermines the entire intent and purpose of the U.S. Constitution, to which they swore an oath to uphold.

If America has a unique culture, it is one of creativity and self-reliance, built upon a solid foundation of individual rights. That cultural ideal has been under attack for over a century, but never more so than now. As Ayn Rand wrote, back in 1971, "Don't let it go!"

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-- C. Jeffery Small

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