Teton Valley Tea Party
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Action Plan

1. Give away pocket Constitutions       (secured with a sticker noting TVTP website)
2. Information about Tea Party
3. Sign-in new members
4. Ready for peaceful discussion about our concern for the future and what Independence Day represents.
5. Donation box
1. I ordered 400 pocket constitutions (found at Heritage Foundation at $0.50 each)
2. I have a card table and 4 chairs
3. I have one American flag w/pole to secure to one side of the stand.
NEED HELP: (send an email with your participation)
1. Need pop-up tents (square metal and tarp shelter)
2. Banner made with: Happy Birthday America or Teton Valley Tea Party
3. Need one more American Flag with pole
4. Help with manning the booth
5. Collection of great books to display behind us for reference and recommendation.
6. Who do we contact about booth at park?
7. *Someone to look into buttons or bumper stickers to offer for sale or give away
8. *Color prints outs of our debt, spending, other policy matters - enclosed in a binder for easy reference
*optional - but if anyone could take on one of these (you are our hero and will be relieved of manning the booth!)
              - or just want to make a $$ contribution to the creation of these?

To Republican or Libertarian Party:

1. Help us man the booth?
2. Set up a booth next to ours?
To Candidates Running:
1. Help us man the booth?
2. Set up booth near ours?
What to wear?
1. Anything patriotic
2. Go to:
http://www.glennbeck.com - Hope/Faith/Charity shirts

Huntsman Springs Event:

1. Attend - I'm unclear how this event will unfold
9/12 Group:
1. Need leaders for Teton Valley (we can share our site)
2. See attached forms
3. Organize other information and share our booth
4. Is anyone going to D.C. on August 28th?
Monthly meetings:
1. Need a location that does not charge us - a home?
2. Summer is so busy - if we fail to meet through the summer
a) try to read the recommended books on our site,
b) support some of the big races (like Rubio in FL) and outing Boxer in CA,
c) educate your friends, kids and grandkids about our debt (point out Greece).
Start with these:
Foundational Concept - 5 minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JlkGCI_SzA
Overview of America JBS - 30 min: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=9214841587382457812#
d) Inform our religious leaders about new policies concerning EPA and Churches - we will try to post information on our new website.

Kathy Johnson, Cell 208-313-7123