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Rising Taxes In Idaho?

Dear Champion of Liberty,

Idaho State Representative Dennis Lake, chairman of the House Revenue and Taxation Committee, says, 2011 is all about revenue enhancement. How do you like the new codewords for raising taxes?

The Sovereign Idaho Coalition had an extremely successful 2010 legislative session. We made state sovereignty issues the prevailing theme of the session.

2011 is not an election year. 2009 wasn't an election year either and you may remember some of the irresponsible attempts to raise taxes that year. Governor Otter says that in 2011, "The legislature is going to have an opportunity to look for additional revenues."

2011 will be a battle no matter how the November elections go. Supporters of Big Government are already planning their media talking points and marshaling their forces to reverse the responsible reductions in the size of government that were accomplished in 2010.

About this time last year we began forming our strategies that resulted in our 2010 successes. Our formula was effective - partially because we enjoyed the element of surprise - but you can be sure we will not go unchallenged in 2011.

Now is the time:

  • To build on our momentum and return government to its limited, low-cost role.
  • For our state government to protect Idahoans from federal usurpations by nullifying unconstitutional federal laws.
  • To promote free enterprise and defend sensible government cutbacks.
In 2010 we passed the Health Freedom Act, the Firearms Freedom Act, and the Public School Financial Transparency Act. Plus, we made significant progress on sound money for Idaho.

In 2011 we would like to pass a Federal Health Care Nullification Act, a Constitutional Tender Act, a Constitutional Carry Act, and a Fully Informed Jury Act. Plus, we want to equip you to influence your legislators and prevent any tax increases in Idaho.

Every political season is like a new chess game - always mix up strategies or your opponents will gain a predictable advantage.

This year, instead of Converging on the Capitol in the middle of winter to wander around trying to find our representatives and then compete against lobbyists for their ear, we're going to meet with our representatives in their home districts when and where we have a lot more influence on them.

When's the best time to have a group sit down with your legislators? They head to Boise near the beginning of January. November and December are not good months because of the holidays. The months leading up to the November 2 election are perfect (Aug, Sept, Oct). They will be looking for opportunities to meet with their constituents and we will deliver!

How about a Tea Party with your Legislators. They're not invited to give a stump speech. They're invited to listen to your concerns and be reminded that they work for the people, not for the special interests, lobbyists and bureaucrats. Set a time and place, line up speakers for the various issues, invite all the candidates and get as many patriots there as possible.

Sovereign Idaho Coalition Chairman, Pete Ketcham, is ready to fly/travel around the state and deliver presentations about nullification at your event if you'd like a lead spokesman to address the legislators. He can be contacted at tentha@mtida.net or 208-983-7552.

John Birch Society State Coordinator, Dale Pearce, is also available for speaking about nullification and for helping you reach out to local health care and other professionals to help stimulate their support in convincing state legislators to take nullification action in the coming legislative session. He can be contacted at dpearce@jbs.org or 208-466-4664.

Here are some great tools that can be used:

By working in concert with patriots across the state we can hold our representatives accountable to their duty. Unite with the Sovereign Idaho Coalition - Stewards of our State - and let's make Idaho the freest state in the Union.

For Freedom,

Chris Stevens

P.S. Visit http://groups.google.com/group/sovereign-idaho-coalition to coordinate with others in your legislative district and plan a Tea Party with your Legislators.