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Wyoming Dems. take credit for Mead victory; Defeat of Micheli

Wyoming holds firmly to Constitutional values. Get your walking shoes ready and your phones charged. Stock up on fresh spring water. We are going full steam ahead for Wyoming's sovereignty. Wyoming is going to elect a Governor that knows the Constitution and one that will stand firmly for Wyoming's people.

Meanwhile, do your research on Taylor Haynes for governor of Wyoming.

LIBERTY all the Stimulus we need, Linda

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--- On Wed, 8/25/10, Del Tinsley wrote:


A conservative writer in Cheyenne just posted this expose--- http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-cheyenne/matt-mead-and-gun-rights-similarities-to-john-mccain-and-dave-freudenthal

He reports that a liberal in Cheyenne, a member of the Wyoming Democratic party, a state employee and an ELECTION JUDGE describes how over 9,000 Democrats who switched party’s at the polls for the express purpose of throwing the Republican party robbed Ron Micheli of his party’s true nomination….here’s a quote:

“Although widely unreported this moderate stance of Matt Mead is even more evident in how he was elected to office. There was an estimated “switch-voting” of up to nine thousand votes. In case you don’t know what this is, it is where Democrats changed their party affiliation at the polls so they could vote for the most liberal Republican candidate, in this case Matt Mead was the beneficiary. A Liberal state employee blogger mentions it here in - At the polls, Democrats are switching over in large numbers.” (see the blogger’s entire rant here) http://hummingbirdminds.blogspot.com/2010/08/at-polls-democrats-are-switching-over.html

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So this is what our election process has come to? Wonder who orchestrated this? The WY Democratic Party? Governor Freudenthal? Out of state interests?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
At the polls, Democrats are switching over in large numbers

I worked as an election judge today at my polling station in Cheyenne. A half day, thanks to legislation sponsored in the Wyoming House by my District 8 Rep Lori Millin. Still, I was one of the few judges taking a short shift. I like working the polls. Public service, and all that. Congenial company. Community. We have five precincts in one spot. A good thing that it's a very large spot -- the Kiwanis Community House in Lions Park.

Polling was light today, at least while I was there. Only a third of the eligible voters had shown up, with six hours to go. Primaries play second fiddle to the general election. This seems a bit backward, as it's the primaries wherein you get to make big and interesting decisions.

Democrats were switching party affiliation in large numbers. How large I'm not sure, but I saw a lot of it. This allowed Dems to vote against right-wing gubment-hater Ron Micheli and for a more moderate candidate. In my book, here's the order of moderation: Matt Mead, Colin Simpson and Rita Meyer.

Can't wait to hang out with the LarCoDems tonight to see the results.

I voted the Dem ballot. I wavered several times, thinking I might change affiliation. But in the end I stayed with my party. I understand the motives of the switchers, having watched Micheli in action the past three months or so.

The problem is, I wanted to vote for in the Dem District 8 race. That pits Ken McCauley against Bernie Phelan. Both worthy candidates, but Ken wants it more and I like his dedication. I also wanted to vote in the Dem Gov's race. I did.

Now I have the rest of the day off, thanks to my vacation leave as a state employee. I enjoy my government job. Work hard, too. Several reasons why I have no use for the gubment-haters such as Micheli, who used to work for the gubment.

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