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Parental Rights in Wyoming

Dear Champion of Parental Rights in Wyoming,

Last week we informed you that your Senator Enzi had voiced his opposition to the UNís Convention on the Rights of the Child by becoming a cosponsor of S.R. 519. Now we congratulate you on having two Senators who are willing to stand up for your rights: Senator Barrasso has also listened to your concerns and added his support to our efforts.

Just as we recommended a thank you note to Senator Enzi, we suggest the same for Senator Barrasso. After all, having two Senators who value parental rights is a reason to be grateful!

Write to:

The Honorable Senator John Barrasso
2120 Capitol Avenue
Suite 2013
Cheyenne, WY 82001

With only five more Senators to go on S.R. 519, we are pleased to see the progress we have made together for the sake of parental rights. Thank you for your part, Wyoming!


Mackenzi Siebert
Region 2 Coordinator
(540) 751-1242