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Tea Party Leadership

Please consider the following positions within the Tea Party:

Coordinator (that's me) - with Outlook I hold your email addresses and forward information I think relates to our principles: Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, Free Markets. - all information flows through the coordinator to be pasted on. But ideas can from our idea people. See below.

Treasurer we have a little more than $400.00 - we should think in terms of collecting a small donation at each meeting to pay for rental space; we have +/- 200 pocket constitutions remaining, a great banner for the next event. I have someone thinking about this roll - but if you're inclined, please let me know.

Idea People: Grant Durtschi, Anne Callison, Wade & Trude Treasurer, Sheila Russell, Jere Waugaman, Ben Wells, Tony Goe, John Leidorf have all been willing to help and contribute ideas...thank you, our Tea Party group needs more ideas and scheduled events. We need more idea people willing to branch out and create subgroups.
- 9/12 (constitutional studies)
- Anne Callison is working on a discussion with our Tea Party & Senator Crapo

Hosting meetings: there have been a few people that have offered to host small meetings at their homes, let me know if you're willing to do this as well and the new coordinator will keep a list.

www.TetonValleyTeaParty.com - created and managed by Mark Durtschi - if you haven't been to this site - please take a walk through the site - very informative! Mark will continue to manage this.

I'm sorry I didn't do more ~ please don't give up ~ the attempts to shout us down by calling us racist is proof we are making a difference. They fear us, we are in their way. We are at a critical point and the responsibility to pass on a free society falls in our hands. IT'S OUR DUTY TO STAND GUARD AND PEACEFULLY CONFRONT THIS GOVERNMENT TAKE OVER OF OUR LIVES. Thank you for all you do!

My husband and I are leaving the valley - home closes August 31 - I'll be gone from 8/19 - 29th - time is running short and I have a lot to arrange. We are moving to Florida. At the Restoring America event in D.C., I will forward pictures to Mark for our website. Thanks again!

Please contact me anytime ~
Kathy Johnson