Teton Valley Tea Party
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Teton Valley Tea Party needs your input

1. My email list is back and complete!
2. Anne Callison is working on an event with Senator Crapo - stay tuned.
3. Check out www.TetonValleyTeaParty.com/
go to actionplan for the latest updates you missed (KJ's email lapse)
4. We need someone to manage the email list, send updates and notices.
5. We need your ideas to make TVTP more effective and more influential.
6. Janine Jolley will hold our email list, but she is very busy and if anyone can assist her, please let me know.

Thank you for all you do to defend liberty!

Kathy Johnson
kathy.johnson@jhsir.com (good until mid-September)
kathyjohnson@reagan.com (future email address)
check out: https://www.reagan.com/email/register.php