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Three Things About Islam

This is Sharia law, Islam, and taqiyya summed up in 8 minutes.

I asked my mom's husband (Jewish heritage) and very well researched his thoughts, this is what he said:

From: Barney
Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 10:15 AM
To: Kathy Johnson
Subject: Re: Three Things About Islam; the best short video on quickly explaining the whole of Islam.

I've done a lot of reading on this subject in the last nine years and this narrative is quite accurate.

Only two citations I find less than precise. It mentions that M wrote the Quran. The fact is that M was illiterate and spoke his tales to others who supposedly memorized them perfectly and transmitted them orally to others who also memorized them perfectly. This went on for over 100 years through a chain of tellers known as isnad until it was put in written form. The Quran seems to use these lists of names to imitate the genealogical lists in the Bible.

I've also read that many or most Muslims do not regard negative comments about M, Allah, the Quran or Islam itself equally. Insulting the Prophet is held as most inflammatory.

A top notch website on the subject is http://prophetofdoom.net/ The writer has done extraordinary work to distill, analyze and critique all the Muslim sacred writings. You can look up Islam's take on a wide variety of subjects (women, Jews, etc.).

If you ever watched much of Star Trek: the Next Generation, Islam bears a striking cultural resemblance to the Borg.