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The Region 7 Republican Barbeque

If you're an Idaho Republican or will be voting for one ~ please attend and grill these candidates about their voting record and how they plan to defend the Idaho and US Constitutions, reduce government, reduce spending and quit the back room deals.

The Region 7 Republican Barbeque is coming up!
The wonderful thing about this barbeque is that ALL the money from purchased tickets comes back to support our local candidates.

Support a conservative candidate, enjoy a good dinner and be in the political mix at the same time!!

When: Thursday August 19th 2010
Where: Tautphaus Park Shelter
Time: 6 pm social hour with regional and state Republican representatives, 7 pm Dinner
Cost: $25 Adults and children old enough to meaningfully participate only, please.
Corporate Tables available, and requested.

Please contact Janine Jolley @ 208.787.2871 to purchase tickets for this great event!