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Over 300 Young Conservatives Volunteer For Micheli
The group “Young Conservatives for Ron Micheli” is organized in every county in Wyoming. The coalition consist of moms, dads, high school students, hunters and anglers, attorneys, ranchers, emergency medical technicians, corrections officers, college students and more. Volunteers for the group help bring Ron’s message to their hometowns, and each county lead is given the opportunity to be part of the political process.

Micheli have knocked on thousands of doors across Wyoming. They have also been instrumental in the online race by making bold statements of support on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Their message centers around the need to protect Wyoming’s conservative values and way of life by electing Ron Micheli.

Central Wyoming Conservative PAC Endorses Micheli
Lander, Wyo – The Central Wyoming Conservative PAC is pleased to announce its endorsement of Ron Micheli, Republican for Governor. Ron Micheli is no newcomer to the conservative movement. He demonstrated his authentic conservative outlook through his 16 year voting record in the Wyoming Legislature. He has pledged to reign in state spending by instituting zero based budgeting if elected. In addition, he is an advocate for interpreting the US Constitution according to the original intent of the founders. That means standing up for our 2nd Amendment rights and our state’s rights under the 9th and 10th Amendments. Micheli knows what it means to stick to a budget, meet a payroll and manage limited resources, all the aspects of running a business. This practical, firsthand experience is just what Wyoming needs for the lean times on the horizon.

Wyoming Family Coalition Endorses Micheli
Wyoming Family Coalition, one of the state’s largest family advocacy groups, has endorsed Ron Micheli for Governor of Wyoming. Representing more than 11,000 Wyoming households, WFC’s membership encompasses all 23 counties.

In making its endorsement WFC gave strong consideration to Micheli’s eight terms of effective legislative leadership on both social and fiscal issues. He demonstrated strong advocacy for the sanctity of human life at all stages. During his 16 year tenure in the Legislature he successfully sponsored several pieces of pro-family legislation, earning him the honor of being one of only three Wyoming citizens to be included in the distinguished Wikipedia roster of 150 national pro-life activists.

WFC believes that Micheli and wife Patty have demonstrated by their marriage of 41 years a deep commitment to traditional marriage between one man and one woman. They have eight grown children and 21 grandchildren, all of whom are a tribute to their parents’ example and emphasis on faith, freedom, teamwork and personal responsibility.

Wyoming Gun Owners PAC Endorses Micheli
WyGO PAC (Wyoming Gun Owners) is pleased to announce its endorsement of Ron Micheli for the office of Governor. WyGO PAC is the only no-compromise gun rights organization in Wyoming. We work very hard to expose politicians who would either work to take away our second amendment rights, or those who do not have the courage, principle, and fortitude to stand strong in defense of our civil liberties. We also work very hard to support and promote politicians that will protect and defend our constitutional right to bear arms.

Ron Micheli has shown us all along that he is truly a man of principle, conviction, and a man who will defend the constitution at all times. There is no doubt that Ron Micheli will fight tooth and nail to protect not only the fundamental rights of gun owners, but all the rights of Wyoming’s citizens. There is only one choice for Governor of Wyoming in 2010, and that choice is Ron Micheli.

Senate Presidents Endorse Micheli
1. President of the Wyoming State Senate Jon Hines Endorses Ron Micheli
2. Former President of the Wyoming State Senate, April Brimmer Kunz Endorses Ron Micheli
3. Former President of the Wyoming State Senate Russ Zimmer Endorses Ron Michel
Speakers of the House Endorse Micheli 1. State Representative and Chairman of the House Republican Caucus Amy Edmonds endorses Ron Micheli for Governor
2. Former Speaker of the Wyoming House of Representatives Rick Tempest backs Ron Micheli
3. Former Wyoming Speaker of the House John Marton Endorses Ron Micheli
4. Former Speaker of the Wyoming House of Representatives Russ Donley Endorses Ron Micheli