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Put your Princples before Politics

Your Organizer, Todd M. Graus, sent the following message to some members of Conservative Values of Teton County Wyoming:

Thanks for being a participant of the Conservative Values of Teton County meetup group. Thanks to you, we were all responsible for sponsoring and making the last two TEA Party Rallies on Tax day a success.

In the 1850's a New Party formed to become the new torch carrier of the conservative movement, behind Abe Lincoln the modern day Republican Party was born.

Now I would like to ask you to continue to live your convictions as a TEA PARTY type PATRIOT by focusing your support to the only conservative party in Wyoming. With the latest election of Matt Mead for Governor, the Democrats now have two candidates to choose from. Matt Mead believes aborting is a CHOICE.., "I believe in individual rights and in those cases where rape or incest has occurred or the life of the mother is at risk, the decision is best left to the individuals involved, not to the government. Contrast Meads answer with that of a Conservative Independent, click here.

Did you know that this November if ALL the Democrats vote for their candidate and half the REPUBLICANS VOTED FOR Mead and the other half voted for Dr. Haines, the Democrats would still loose. The real race would be between the Liberal Republican and the true conservative candidate. There would be NO VOTE SPLITTING in this November election and you would still get a conservative or a psudo-conservative in office.

The Constitution Party is very NEW but we are also very serious and are officially Organized at the State Level. I'm asking for your support in building the Teton County Constitution Party. The CP officially organized in July at our State Convention in Torrington. Go to our website because it's been changing on a daily basis since I last sent you an email. Read what we are about and contrast that not with what the GOP says, but what they have demonstrated at the County Convention when less than half the Delegates (Thanks to God) voted to remove "Pro Life" from the Platform. and the same amount voted to adopt measure to ends ones life once you are too old to be productive. The Teton County has fallen off a cliff. Please consider helping me to build the new conservative party of Wyoming.

Next Week we will be Inviting Dr. Taylor Haines to Jackson to speak. I am still working on a venue large enough to hold everyone that is currently interested in this Write In Candidate. Maybe a Democrats candidate running for Governor might also be invited??? Be part of Wyoming History... Put your principles before politics..

God Bless

Todd Graus

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