Teton Valley Tea Party
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Successful July 4 Celebration!

We had a very successful July 4!

Thanks to volunteers who tended our booth:

  • Tony Goe
  • Kitchener & Sonja Head
  • Nola Poetker
  • Caroline Reynolds
  • Reg Roberts
  • Sheila Russell
  • Lynda Skujins
  • Jere Waugaman
Thanks to volunteers who rode and spotted for our TVTP float:
  • George & Mary Bleffert
  • Grant Durtschi
  • Tony & Carol Goe, driver & navigator
  • Carol Hall
  • Caroline Reynolds
  • Reg Roberts
  • Angel Sims
We passed out 108 pocket Constitution/Declaration of Independence booklets, 5 Voter Registration Cards, 70 American Flags, and 304 miniature candy bars.

We signed up 39 new people who want to be notified of up-coming TVTP meetings and events.

We received $233 in Donations.. What generosity!

We sold 20 tickets to the Idaho Falls Republican Party BBQ on August 25. The money from these ticket sales ($400) will be returned to Teton County to aid local Republican Candidates. If you are interested in purchasing one of these tickets, please contact: Tony Goe at 313-9377.

Thank you all for your involvement,

Lynda Skujins & Tony Goe, Co-Chairs

Caroline Reynolds, Secy/Treasurer